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Foreclosure Defense

Columbus Foreclosure Lawyers

Foreclosure is one of the scariest words for a homeowner. When a foreclosure notice appears many people begin to worry about losing their home and paying exorbitant court and legal fees. The Columbus foreclosure attorneys at Doyaga Law LLC are here to help you navigate the complicated Ohio foreclosure process and explore all your available defenses.

The number one thing you must do is engage with the process. You cannot just bury the letters you are receiving and ignore the foreclosure. If you do this, the mortgage company will get a default judgment against you and quickly proceed to the sheriff’s sale. The difference between saving your home and losing it to a foreclosure is simple: Take Action Now.

The Columbus foreclosure attorneys at Doyaga Law, LLC will walk you through the foreclosure process. We will respond to your foreclosure complaint to avoid a default judgment. Once an answer is filed to the foreclosure complaint, the mortgage company may decide to offer a mortgage modification rather than proceed with the costly foreclosure case. Additionally, when an answer is filed, the mortgage company must engage in a lengthy discovery process required in the court case. This process may reveal further defenses to the mortgage company’s foreclosure claim. This process may cause a mortgage company, previously unwilling to offer a modification, to cave in an offer you a favorable mortgage modification.

We Can Help You Keep Your Home or Find the Best Path Forward!

If you have been sued in foreclosure in Ohio, please contact us for help. We have expert Columbus foreclosure defense attorneys who can help you keep your home. Contact our office today at (614) 802-9232 or fill out our contact form and ask about a free consultation.

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